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Below is a list of Dental Office Projects we have worked on. We have been doing Dental Office projects for the last 5 years.
  1. Dr Matthew Bunchman, Premier Dental of Evergreen. Project Scope: Doubled the size of their existing office from 800SF to 1700SF. Increased the Number of Dental Operatories from 2 to 4. Worked on this project with Mendel & Company Construction. Project Completed in September’ 2009.
  2. Dr Erich Zimmerman, Remediation work. Scope included preparing existing Dental Office Floor Plan and interior remodel. Worked on this project with Nathan Mendel, Mendel & Company Construction. Project completed in 2009-2010.
  3. Foothills Pediatric Dentistry, Dr Edward C Christensen in Lafayette CO. 3100 SF Tenant Improvement with 7 Operatories. Worked on this project with Rusty Nail, Nail Builders and Jim Ferrel, Equipment Specialist with Henry Schein Dental. Project Design completed in December 2009 and Construction completed in April 2010. Total Cost if Construction: Approx. $300,000.00
  4. Dr Willie Hardie Pediatric Dentistry, Vancouver Washington, 2,600 SF Dental Office Tenant Improvement with 6 Dental operatories. Project construction cost: approx. $300,000.00. We worked with Patterson Dental on this project.
  5. Dr Aziz Rasulov Dental Office Tenant Improvement, 14025 E Exposition Avenue Aurora CO Approx. 2,200 SF Dental Office Tenant Improvement. Project Construction Cost: approx. $210,000.00. I worked with John  Riedel of Dental Enterprises. They were the dental equipment vendor on this project.
  6. Happy Canyon Dentistry (Dr Jeff Rayl), Dental Office Tenant Improvement, approx 1,900 SF at a construction cost of approx. $260,000.00.
  7. Dr Ricardo Da Silva Dentistry, Arapahoe Lima Center Englewood Colorado, Dental Office tenant improvement approx. 2,400 SF at a construction cost of approx. $225,000.00. I worked with Jim Ferrel, Equipment Sales Specialist with Henry Schein Dental on this project.
  8. Dr Scott Bares & Dr Susan Kutis, DDS Castle Rock Dentistry Castle Rock Colorado, approx. 2,100SF at a construction cost of approx. $200,000.00.
  9. Dr Lisa Austin, Oasis Orthodontics. Project consisted on converting an existing Mountain Dental Office to be a new Dental Office for Dr Austin. Construction Drawings completed in January’ 2011.
  10.   Dr Noah Tirella, Phone Number: 303-910-7981. ATA Dental Center. We worked with Design Ergonomics (Project Designer) out of Boston. Our scope included Construction Administration and Management for Dr Tirella.
  11.  Dr Cole Johnson, Johnson Family Orthodontics. 3,000 SF Orthodontics office with 6 dental chairs and 2 Treatment Coordinator rooms. Project Construction Completed in Late 2011.
  12. Dr Marat Fainberg, Approx. 2,000SF New Dental Office Construction completed.  5 Dental Operatories. Construction Cost: Approx. $161,464.00
  13. Dr John Burtenshaw and Dr Dennis Stoddard, Kids Dental, 2295 S Chambers Road Aurora CO 80014. Construction Cost: Approx. $140,000.00
  14. 4 Corners Smiles 4 Kids, Inc. Largo Square Shops 4337 E Main Street Farmington NM 87402. Dr Ryan Mickelson. Construction Cost: Approx. $200,000.00.
  15. Dr Melissa Farbod, DDS Dental Office 2226 S Fraser Street Suite 1 Aurora CO 80014. Estimated Construction cost: $230,000. 4 Operatory approx. 1550 SF Office.
  16. Dr Louisa Gallegos: Dental Office Expansion 90 Madison Street #208 Denver CO.
  17. Dr Holly Sletten, Parker CO.
  18. Dr John Burtenshaw and Dr Dennis Stoddard/ Children’s Dental Health Center:Construction for a new office design in Tacoma, Washington 98404. 2,000 SF Construction cost: Approx. $250,000.00
  19. Dr John P Schmidt Pediatric Dental Office 137-145 W Hampden Avenue Englewood CO 80110, 2200SF, Construction cost: Approx. $235,000.00
  20. Dr Flaviu Oltean, DDS Dental Office 1155 S Tower Road, Suite D Aurora CO 80017 Currently in Construction stage 1500 SF Construction Cost: Approx. $250,000.
  21. Dr Amir Fereydouni, DDS New Dental Office at 4844 Chambers Road Denver CO 80239.
  22. Care Smiles Orthodontics: Dr Hoang Nguyen, DDS. Approx. 4,900 SF Dental Office. 17 Operatory Office, Denver CO. Construction Cost: Approx. $400,000.00
  23. North Washington Dental Group. Dr Christopher Dunn, DDS. Approx. 1150 SF 4 operatory Office, Thornton CO. Construction Cost: Approx. $125,000.00
  24. Allegro Orthodontics, Dr Andre Nazarov, DMS, MS. Project Construction completed.. Construction Cost Approx. $230,000.00.
  25. Dr Joseph Funderburk, Oral Surgeon. Approx. 2400 SF. Grand Junction CO.
  26.  Dr Greg Sefcik, DDS General Dentist. Approx. 3750 SF. Westminster CO. Project Construction completed.  Approx. $400,000 SF. Exterior and Interior Renovation.
  27. Dr Christina McMillan, Boulder CO. Approx. 2500 SF, Boulder CO. Project Construction completed.
  28. Children’s Dental Health Center, Denver CO. Approx. 2600 SF Dental Office Remodel. Project Construction completed.
  29. Childrens’ Dental Health Center, Lacey WA. Approx. 3,250 SF.
  30. Children’s Dental Health Center, Charlotte NC. Approx. 3,000 SF. Project Construction completed.
  31. Dr Michael Shifman, DDS General Dentist. Approx. 2350SF. Project Construction completed.
  32. Dr Steven Gould, DDS General Dentist. Approx. 2800 SF. Project Construction completed.
  33. Dr Amir Fereydouni, DDS General Dentist New Dental Office. Approx. 1750 SF. Denver CO. Project Construction Completed.
  34. Risas Dental, New Dental Office Space Planning at existing building located at 1050 W 104th Avenue Denver CO. Approx. 3,500 SF.
  35. Dr Nazeli Tarjan, DDS General Dentist New Dental Office. Approx. 2,225 RSF Denver CO. Project Location: 14th & Market Street, Downtown Denver.
  36. Dr Stanley Samuel, DDS General Dentist New Dental Office: Approx. 1,400 SF. Project Location: Lincoln & Jordan, Parker CO.
  37. Dr Efren Martinez, DDS. Los Ninos Dental-New Dental Office. Approx. 4,200 SF. Project currently in design stage. Project location: S. Sheridan Blvd & W. Louisiana Street Denver CO.
Below is a list of Medical Office Projects we have worked on .
  1. Dr Sara George, Sage Family Medicine 413 Summit Blvd., #201 Broomfield CO 80021
  2. Peak ENT, Dr J Michael King 403 Summit Blvd, #204 Broomfield CO 80021
  3. Eye To Eye Care, Dr James Kani and Dr Mansur Nurdel 8737 Sheridan Blvd. Westminster CO 80031
  4. St. Raphael Consulting, Psychologist Office. 400 S McCaslin Blvd. Loiusville CO 80027
Below is a list of Veterinary Office Projects we have worked on
  1. Green Valley Ranch Pet Center, Dr Edgardo Hinojosa 18607 Green Valley Ranch Blvd Suite 114 Denver CO 80249
Below is a list of Office Projects we have worked on
  1. Laramie Energy LLC Writer Square Office Tower 10th Floor 1512 Larimer Street Denver CO 80202
  2. Questar Academy 9910 Wadsworth Blvd, #100 Westminster CO 80021
  3. Urban Settlement Services, 390 Interlocken Blvd, # 310, #350 Broomfield CO 80021
  4. Catalyst Planning Group 669 S Pearl Street Denver CO 80209
  5. Vesta Holdings LLC: 2950 E Harmony Rd Fort Collins CO 80528
  6. Exponential Engineering: 2950 E Harmony Rd Fort Collins CO 80528
  7. Waddell & Reed: 2950 E Harmony Rd Fort Collins CO 80528
  8. First American Title: 2950 E Harmony Rd Fort Collins CO 80528
  9. AMD Expansion on Second Floor: 2950 E Harmony Rd Fort Collins CO 80528
  10. Mountain States Employers Council: 2950 E Harmony Rd Fort Collins CO 80528
  11. Riverside Technology, Inc.: 2950 E Harmony Rd Fort Collins CO 80528
Below is list of Lab Projects we have worked on:
  1. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation 1600 Commerce Street Boulder CO 80301- CO-8 Building Silicone Lab Remodel.
  2. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation 1600 Commerce Street Boulder CO 80301-FT-1 EMI LAB Renovation.
  3. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation 1600 Commerce Street Boulder CO 80301-Fischer Complex-FA Building Chiller Replacement Project.
  4. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation 9675 W 108th Circle Westminster CO 80021-AMC Building Paintshop Renovation.
  5. Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation 1600 Commerce Street Boulder CO 80301-FM Building Paintshop Renovation
Below is list of Daycare Facilities Projects we have worked on:
  1. Kindercare Learning Center Remodel, 975 S. Kipling Parkway Lakewood CO 80226
  2. Kindercare Learning Center Remodel, 1305 Plaza Ct North Lafayette CO 80026
  3. Kindercare Learning Center Remodel, 3501 W. Highland Place Westminster CO 80031
  4. Kindercare Learning Center Remodel 1204 Mesa Rd Colorado Springs CO 80904
  5. CCLC Boulder Remodel 30350 34th Street Boulder CO 80301
Below is list of Multi-Family Residential Projects we have worked on:     1.  Tom Grannas & Jennifer Loft Renovation, 2960 Inca Street Denver CO 80202 I have given a few additional references below:
  1. Jim Ferrel with Henry ScheinDental.  Jim’s number is 303-898-2507
  2. Brian Velarde with MPB Contractors Inc.
  3. Mike Long with Patterson Dental. Mike’s number is 303-263-1187
  4. Nathan Mendel with Mendel and Company Construction. Nathan’s Phone number is 303-419-6832
  5. Dan Brown/James Vigessa with BVB. Jim’s Phone number is 303-637-0981
  6. Rusty Nail with Nail Builders. Rusty’s Phone number is 720-220-0195
  7. Corey Gray with Mountain States Construction Company.
  8. Jon Voeller -Practice Solutions, US Bank.
  9. Dennis Thornton with Patterson Dental.
  10. Dan Scribner with Mountain West Construction Company. Dan’s Mobile Phone Number is 303-808-8289.
  11. Alireza Davoodi with 1,2,3 Done Construction. Ali’s Mobile Phone Number is 720-317-1330.
Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions/concerns.